Wheelskins Leather Steering Wheel Cover for Jeep Wrangler Original One-Color

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Wheelskins are the finest, most luxurious Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers available. They are individually hand-crafted in California of choice domestic cowhide, especially tanned for Wheelskins. Our exclusive patented lacing hole reinforcement system ensures a tight custom fit on any steering wheel.

NOTE:  This listing is for a Original One-Tone Cover.  We can do the Two-Tones for $7.95 extra.

This Steering Wheel Cover is specifically designed to fit your vehicle steering wheel.  We'll get in touch with you if any extra information is needed to get the order processed correctly.

Easy to install, Wheelskins are the best way to inexpensively customize and upgrade any plastic steering wheel. They are also the premier option for replacing a damaged or worn original factory leather covered wheel.

Wheelskins come in 15 colors and 6 standard sizes.

We also make Special Order sizes to fit any steering wheel.   Please inquiry for more details.


- Cobalt is a bright royal blue
- Blue is navy blue
- Sea Blue is a light to medium blue
- Green is a light, misty green
- Sand is a light beige color
- Oak is a medium earthtone color
- Tan is the color of tobacco or a football
- Brown is chocolate brown
- Charcoal is dark grey
- Grey is light to medium grey

How do I know what size Wheelskins Steering Wheel Cover I need for my vehicle?

Do not worry!  We'll get in touch with you to confirm that we sent the correct cover for you.

How are Wheelskins Steering Wheel Covers installed?

Each cover comes complete with a nylon lacing cord, a needle, and illustrated detailed installation instructions. The holes are pre-punched with a patented lacing hole reinforcement to prevent tearing during installation. The time required is approximately 60 minutes.

How do I clean and maintain my Steering Wheel Cover?

Your Wheelskin is made of leather that is specifically tanned and finished for this product. We recommend that you gently use only water and a soft sponge or paper towel to remove any surface soil buildup. Avoid all purpose cleaners and protectants that will remove the special finishes and coatings on the leather. Also, most leather cleaners are made for the extremely hard finishes found on upholstery leathers , and these cleaners are unsuitable for the softer Wheelskins leathers. In addition, many perfumes, colognes, after shave lotions, and hand sanitizers contain alcohol and other chemicals that can harm the leather. We recommend that your hands be free of these substances before you drive.