Coverking Ultra Custom Fit Car Covers for Honda S2000

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Looking to protect your vehicle?

Got all the options from Coverking here on one listing.

This car cover will be done to your order and specifically for your vehicle model.  This is a complete custom fit car cover, the fit is perfect!

We are a Coverking Authorized Internet Retailer, got all the options available for you at the best prices.

HOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDER?  Go ahead with the Buy it Now option on this Ebay listing, we'll get in touch with you directly to confirm every detail before proceeding for fabrication.  Do not worry!  This car cover will be done to your order and specifically for you.

Car covers are taking now two weeks approximately for fabrication, but this time may vary depending on the factory load of work.


1. Triguard - Coverking Triguard car covers are suitable for those who need protection against nicks and dings in light weather conditions. Made from three layers of fabric, this cover is durable and perfectly suitable for outdoor and indoor storage. With the Triguard car cover, you can store your vehicle outdoors without worrying about damages to your car. Each cover is custom made to fit the exact specification of your vehicle.

2. Coverbond 4 - Coverking created Coverbond-4 car covers for our customers who need the maximum protection against nicks, bumps and dings in moderate weather conditions. Made from four layers of material, this cover is durable and heavy-duty, perfectly suited for outdoor and indoor storage. With the custom fit Coverbond-4 car cover, you can store your vehicle outdoors without worrying about damages to your car.

3. Mosom Plus - Mosom Plus is designed to protect your vehicle in rain, light hail and snowy conditions. It is the only multi-layered, non-woven car cover available and is extremely durable. The Mosom Plus car cover is designed to have the least number of seams to prevent water leakage. Fabrics are double stitched with wax-treated threads for maximum protection against leaks. The Mosom Plus car cover has a top polyester layer which acts as a UV inhibitor to protect your car from the damaging rays sunlight. The highly breathable inner layers of polypropylene and polyester provide water resistant properties for the cover. The innermost layer of polyester felt embraces your vehicle's finish with a soft touch. With superb UV resistance, breathability, and water resistant features, the Mosom Plus car cover is an ideal choice for moderate and rainy weather climates.

4. Silverguard - If you live in a desert climate, Coverking's Silverguard custom car cover is suitable for your needs. Not only will this cover provide maximum protection from the sun, but this unique 300 dernier, breathable polyester fabric will also protect your vehicle from rain, snow, dirt and pollutants in the air. This custom-cover is manufactured specifically for your vehicle to ensure the best protection and fit possible.

5. Silverguard Plus - Coverking Silverguard Plus car covers offer the best sun protection for your vehicle. Made from our sophisticated 300 dernier polyester fabric, this breathable and water resistant cover also protects from rain, dirt and other pollutants in the air. This cover features a soft nonabrasive lining to ensure a soft enclosure of your vehicle. This unique cover is manufactured to the exact specification of your vehicle for a perfect fit.

6. Satin Stretch - Coverking's Satin Stretch indoor car cover provides superior protection for your vehicle from dirt, dust, nicks, bumps and scratches. Made with an elastic synthetic fabric, the cover stretches in all directions and molds to the contours of your vehicle to highlight its design. The cover includes a unique fleece lining allowing for a soft enclosure all around.  Each cover is made with your specific vehicle in mind including mirror and antenna pockets to create a complete custom fit. This cover is meant for indoor usage only and is not intended for outdoor exposure.

Available colors for SatinBlack, Gray, Grabber Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Dark Green, Gold, Red,Rust Orange, Inferno Orange, Tan, Pearl White, Yellow.

7. Stormproof - Our Stormproof Custom Car Cover is a unique, industry leading, multi-purpose cover that is both light weight and extremely durable. Manufactured to the exact specifications of your vehicle, this cover provides the best all around protection against extreme weather.  Perfect for those living in the northwest region, this car cover also provides substantial protection against UV rays, snow, rain and other pollutants. On top of that, this fabric is uncoated and untreated so that it will never fade even after years of intense exposure to the sun. This cover can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Available Colors for StormproofBlack, Gray, Blue, Red, Tan, Wine, Yellow.

8. Autobody Armor - Coverking's Autobody Armor offers maximum protection for both indoor and outdoor use. This custom car cover features three layers of fabric to create a strong barrier against water, UV rays, dirt, dust, animal droppings and pollutants. All fabrics are made from breathable materials to eliminate condensation under the cover. To further protect the finish of your car, we've added a soft fleece liner for a gentle enclosure around your vehicle. As with all Coverking covers, Autobody Armor is manufactured to the exact specifications of your vehicle with mirror and antenna pockets included. This custom cover will fit your vehicle like a glove.


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