How long it will take to received my order?

All Coverking products are Made to your Order.  In a very rare ocassion, we'll have a set in stock and get them shipped right away.  Consider this a bonus.

Fabrication Time of seat covers is 3-4 weeks approximately.  Fabrication Time of Car Covers is 2-3 weeks approximately.

Fabrication time may vary depending on the Factory load of work.  This is a very complex fabrication process, do not hesitate to contact us at anytime.  We are help to keep you updated.


What seat style do I have?

Please see the attached PDF that shows the most common seat configurations.

If you are not sure of your type seat configuration you can send a picture of your seats & a description of your vehicle to sales@premiumcoversoutlet.com  so we can help you determine which ones to order.  It is important not to assume, because custom fit seat covers meant to fit the exact seat configuration only.

What's the difference between CR-Grade Neoprene and Neosupreme?

What’s the difference and why does is it important to you? It is important because you, the customer, can unknowingly end up paying a lot more for seat covers that do not offer the same level of water penetration protection as you think you are ordering. Our goal is to help educate you so you can avoid that scenario.

CR-Grade is a expensive rubber material that is often used in high-end surfing wetsuits. Many retailers are misrepresenting their so called neoprene seat covers and actually selling a cheaper product for nearly the same cost as our CR Grade Neoprene seat covers. The facts are that many seat covers are being sold under a variety of terms such as "Snugfit", "Neoprene", "Wetsuit" and "Waterproof". However, in many instances these seat covers do not utilize any "CR-Grade" Neoprene at all!

The fact is, many so called "waterproof" or "neoprene" seat covers are actually made from a fabric called "neotex" or “neosupreme” which is used in some, or all the panels of their seat covers. These type of seat covers are not CR-Grade Neoprene. CR-Grade Neoprene seat covers have a expensive CR-Grade Neoprene inner layer with an outer layer top fabric. This CR-Neoprene inner layer is not seen when the seat covers are installed and affords the most waterproof protection available.

Many retailers who are actually selling lower grade neotex or neosupreme seat covers as CR-Grade Neoprene despite the fact that their seat covers do not use any CR-Grade Neoprene in the seat cover.

Coverking’s Genuine CR-Grade Neoprene Seat Covers use genuine CR-Grade Neoprene - not a lower grade. CR-Grade is a expensive rubber material that is often used in high-end surfing wetsuits. It has great water resistance and a pleasing, cushion feel. Genuine CR-Grade Neoprene Custom Seat Covers can be easily spot cleaned or hand washed and air dried. Several two tone colors, including Hawaiian Prints. CR-Grade Neoprene is the best choice for active lifestyles. They are also the easiest seat covers to install.

Coverking's Neosupreme / Neotex™ Custom Seat Covers are made from the same stylish materials used in our Genuine CR-Grade Neoprene covers, minus the actual neoprene rubber material.  What it lacks in layers it makes up for in value, since Neotex offers the same style and a far reduced cost.  Neosupreme/Neotex is a perfect choice for people looking for an all-round material with great style.  It will not stand up to the same level of abuse as genuine neoprene or other materials will, but will certainly be able to protect from minor spills and abrasion.

The fact is, if a company is not specifically noting "Geniune CR-Grade Neoprene" in their seat cover description, there is a reason why that is not being stated. What is being advertised may actualy be a lower line product, otherwise they would clearly advertise their product as Genuine CR-Grade Neoprene.


What's the difference between a Custom Seat Cover and a Universal Seat Cover?

Custom seat covers have been individually designed to fit a particular year, make, and model of a vehicle. They should provide an exact, glove-like fit for your vehicle's seats.

A Coverking Custom Seat Cover is created through computer aided designs as well as computer aided manufacturing process so that it fits perfectly on the car or SUV’s factory installed seats. Also, Coverking Custom Fit seat covers are made-to-measure, which means that they have been created strictly in accordance with the make, model and year of manufacture of each vehicle. They even have appropriate space left for Side Impact Airbags for cars or SUVs where these are installed.

A universal seat cover has been designed to fit a wide range of seats. Generally, a universal seat cover will not provide a tight fit like our custom seat covers will. Universal covers function more as a protective drape over your car seats rather than an exact-fitting custom addition.


Are armrests, headrests, and map pockets included with Coverking Seat Covers?

Yes! Coverking sells ultimate Custom Seat Covers with all headrests, armrests, console covers for split benches, map pockets, airbag provisions, seat adjustment cutouts INCLUDED.

There is no extra charge - Coverking only sells Custom Seat Covers one way - complete. Beware of low priced "Custom" Seat Covers which then charge extra for a headrest, armrest, console cover, etc. - Some companies even charge extra for airbag cut outs! Coverking includes everything you will need for a single low price. Coverking Custom Seat Covers are sold by the row - a two seat sports car will have 1 row, a typical family sedan has 2 rows, and a minivan or large SUV has 3 rows.

Coverking uses advanced technology and production automation to produce superior fitting seat covers, complete with all extras, at some of the most competitive prices in the market.

Will the Coverking Seat Cover exactly match my interior?

No. All our products are made from materialsthat are suitable for automotive applications. In some cases we have specifically designed the fabrics for our applications. They are designed to o provide you with all the qualities you expect from an OE fabric (durability and fade resistance etc.), however, they will not be an exact match to your original material. They are intened to COMPLEMENT your vehicle’s interior, not be an exaxct match to it.

If you are in any doubt, we will gladly send you up to 5 material samples – simply go to http://utilities.coverking.com/zendeskapp/RequestSwatch. and fill in the requested information.